How to Change Game Voice in Online Games ! Free fire ,Pubg

Hello my dear friends, in today's post I am going to tell you how you can change the real voice in your game if you also play games like free fire pubg and other games in which you want to change the real voice. If you want to learn in a good way, then read this post completely and follow it as you are told, then you too will be very You can easily change voice to any game through your mobile.

Often we ever see a lot of people in their games play by playing their voice as if I have a friend, it plays the game by leaning the voice of a girls in their game and makes much fun if you have a child and want to play the game in the voice of either big or you want a girl and want to play the ball in the voice of the boy, you can easily play by leaning your voice, and can enjoy even more fun in the game.

How to Change Free Fire Game Voice

If you play free fire games and you want to change your real voice in another voice then you tell it as you like it, you can set up your mobile and very easily you can change the voice of your game as if you are a boy, just talk in the voice of the voice or you can talk in the voice of a boy then you can change the whole of the desire to you, but I will tell you the easiest way to do so you will take a very easy way in jail .....

Learn to change Voice ... First of all you will have to download an app, you can also change the voice in your game very much about this app I'm going to tell you that the download link is that I gave down the book.Let you will be able to download that app very easily and in the app you have to set up what you do is not understand you see you see a video below you will learn how much you have to do with the app and very easily you have to do the same in your game and enjoy it

Change Pubg Game Voice ...

If you are a Pbble Player and you want to change your real voice, then I have told you the top side of the side you have to tell if the post is read from the beginning, you have to understand if you have not understood if I have given a video below. After seeing that video you will have to download an app, then I also have to put an app in the Latest, you can download all the settings you downloaded, which you are told in the video, you can check your game very easily from that light I hope you understand

After you watch the video you have some Problems. Masse me on instagram

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