How to make laptop speed fast? 2022

How to make slow laptop speed fast?

Hello friends, how are you, do you also use laptop or desktop computer, if yes, then this post of mine today will definitely prove beneficial for you because today I am going to introduce you to such information, it is very important for you to know. Because there is no such thing which is there at that timeAlong with that, if it does not change, then laptop or computer is also one of those things which slow down their speed over time but it does not happen automatically, many such problems come in it due to which its The speed becomes slow, that's why if you speed up the speed of your computer or laptopIf you want, then definitely read this post of mine carefully.

When all of us buy a new laptop or computer and bring it, your computer works very well for a few years, but as time passes, we start to feel that there is some problem in it. It is definitely coming and it is not a common thing, there are many such factorsThose who start the speed of our computer laptop, because of this we are not able to do any of our work easily and we do not get satisfaction in our work.

 • How to speed up slow laptop speed?

In this situation, it becomes very important for you to know why your computer or laptop is working slow. If you are reading this post of ours then you are at right placeWe have reached today, through this post, we will discuss problems like slow speed of computer or laptop, that is why I request you to read this post completely.

Before knowing about how to make laptop desktop fast on slow speed, we will know what can be the main reasons for laptop or desktop being slow.

 • Reasons for low speed of laptop or desktop computer

1) Due to hardware fault

2) Due to a defect in the software

There are the following friends who come in hardware, due to which the speed of the computer or laptop slows down:

• When the hard disk drive is out of date

• Low RAM speed

• Due to power supply system failure

• Shortening on keypad

• In case of fault in any component on the mother board

Note: If this is the reason behind the slow speed of the computer or laptop from the hardware side, then most of the hard drive and RAM are found to be the fault, due to which the speed of the computer becomes slow.

 • Following are the defects in the software due to which the speed slows down inside the laptop or computer:

• Prevent unnecessary viruses from entering the computer

• Due to incomplete update in the operating system

• Operating System Corrupted

• The boot drive (C:) is full

• When the data is fragmented

• Installing heavy software from the capacity of the computer

• Incomplete installation of any software

• Installing software infected with a virus

• On using two types of antivirus software

• Multitasking beyond the capacity of the computer

Now if the speed of laptop or computer becomes slow then how to make it fast?

Friends, if you have a laptop and the speed of the laptop becomes slow inside it, then first of all you should try to know how the problem is occurring, this sequence slows down gradually over time. or due to the sudden installation of any software driver etc. orSlow speed problems arise because of updating the operating system.For this, first of all, the operator should check the system drive ie boot drive space, in which how much space is left, if this drive becomes full or the space remains very less then it should be given space.

• For this, you can manually move unnecessary files from the boot driver to another drive.

• Delete the temp file

• Empty the Recycle Bin

• Defragment the data with the help of Defragmenter available in your computer.

Now if suddenly the PC has started working after uninstalling any software or drive, then first of all you will have to remove that software or drive etc. from your system and bring it to the old mode and check in that situation.

If your PC has become slow due to the operating system update, then it may be that your PC may not have been completely updated, then for this you should completely update your PC again and come to Windows Update. You can check if your PC is completely updated or not.

How to keep slow speed of laptop desktop fast?If you want to keep the speed of your computer fast, then here we are giving you some tips, after following which you can keep your system fast to a great extent and for a long time, then for this you should always have a good Antivirus software should be used.

• Do not install heavy software inside your computer beyond the capacity of your system

• Unnecessarily downloading unnecessary software etc. from the Internet should be avoided.

• Always install genuine software and device drivers on your system.

• To avoid refrigeration of your system data, set the Defragmentation Schedule Weekly in the Disk Defragmenter available in the system.

• Empty the temp file and recycling bin from time to time.

Whatever antivirus software you are using, USB scanning should always be turned on so that virus does not enter inside any device while connecting it to USB from outside.

• Conclusion

So friends, I sincerely hope that you must have come to know through this post of mine that how to make slow speed of computer or laptop fast 2022 and what can be the reason for slow speed and how we can solve them all. Now if you like my thisIf the information is good and proves useful to you, then please share it with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook WhatsApp Telegram


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