Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning App, Get Free Diamonds 2023

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?

Hello friends, how are you, through which I am going to tell you about five such applications, with the help of which you will be able to get free diamonds inside the free fire game, so let's know which are the applications through which you can get free Where can I buy diamonds?

Friends, you must be aware that how much more popular and wonderful game Free Fire is, which in today's time many people like to play and we get many types of specialties inside it which makes it different accordingly.

 • Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps 2022

Diamond is very important in free fire game, you must know this very well, we need diamond to buy some item in free fire game, gun skin, emotes character, everything has to be taken the most. First we need money from which you will be able to buy diamonds.

The way diamonds are needed the most in Free Fire, in the same way, when you do not have money, you cannot make diamonds inside your Free Fire game, when it comes to money, Free Fire has the most Small children are playing this game, those who go to school have no moneyIf not, then how can they buy diamonds, so through this post I have brought special information for you so that you can also buy diamonds for free.

 • Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps 2022

So friends, here I will tell you in detail about five such applications from which you can buy diamonds in free fire, but you will definitely have to do some hard work only then you will be able to buy diamonds because here it is being talked about getting free. If so, you have to work hard.

1) How to get Diamond from Sports Guru Pro app for free

So friends, first of all, you have to download this application in your mobile phone and to download it, you do not have to do anything that you have to go to Google Play Store and type Sports Guru Pro, then this application will come in front of you as simple as that. After that you have to click on install button then it will downloadIt will start happening.After downloading, you have to close this application and ask for permission, then you have to fire all the permissions, then you can send it through your Facebook ID and Gmail account and after all the process is completed, you will have the option of Coina below. 


You will have to click on it, then you will have to withdrawClick on the option you will get.Then any ad can come in front of you, cut it and you will get 50 diamonds in 400 coins, then you have to click on redeem and enter your free fire id and click on submit, after that you will get SMS and 24 Diamonds will go to your Free Fire account within hours, thus you can use this applicationThrough this you can get unlimited diamonds.

2) How to get free diamond from rooter app?

Friends, router application is also very popular, to get diamond, then you can use router application to buy diamond in free fire and so far it has completed more than 10 million downloaders, it will give you diamond for absolutely free. gives.

To download it, you have to go to the Google Play Store, search there router app, then it will now appear in front of you, then you have to install then you have to open who will have to collect when you have 25, then redeem By clicking on it, you have to enter the ID of Free Fire and submitIs Friends, after today you will get an SMS which will say Only 7Days Redeem Successfully but Diamond gets redeemed within 24 hours, thus you can redeem Unlimited Diamonds through another router application.

3) How to get Daily Luck App Free Diamond?

You can get unlimited diamonds in free fire game from daily Luck application, this application is very great, here to get diamonds from Daily Luck application, first you have to download it from Google play store, after that you have to open it and Facebook You can create an account inside Gmail account

Then after that you will have to collect a lot of coins, the coins in this application that you get diamonds have to turn off your mobile and click on the option of coins and click on redeem then you have to select free fire game free fire id Enter and click on redeem option successfully Request message will come when diamonds will reach in your free fire id, then in this way you can collect unlimited diamonds.

4) How to get free Diamond from MGamer App?

mGamer application is also very useful to get diamond in free fire if you also use m gamer application then you can also get diamond in free fire after downloading this application from google play store then you will open it You will have to login with Facebook or Gmail account to play the gameCoins can be found after some time and you get diamonds from those coins.You have to select free fire and select 100 diamonds and enter free fire id, then after clicking on submit request your coins are deducted and after some time you will get a message request successfully then in your account after 1 day Diamonds will be gone.

5) How to get free diamonds from Gift Play App?


8) First of all, with the application we told you about on the number, you can do unlimited diamond editing daily, through this application you have to download it from play store and after that you have to sign up by entering your mobile number only then you have to redeem You get the option of Redeem 210 Diamonds If it appears, then you have to click on the request.

So you have to go to chrome and from there you have to select free fire and after entering that user id and password, you have to enter free fire id and click on send request, thus diamonds will reach your free fire account. You have s.m.s. You will get the request successfully, it gives the diamond immediately and you can see the diamond in the account of free fire, you will have got the diamond in free fire.

All these applications are very good, to get diamonds for free, my advice to you is that you must also try and try it.

 • conclusion

So friends, today through the post, I have told you 5 best applications to get diamonds in free fire game, through whichever application you like, you can get diamonds in free fire, I sincerely hope this post is for you. If it must have been full of help, then do it with your friends Be sure to share on social media accounts as well.


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