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 What is Google Play Pass?

Hello friends, welcome to our post wholeheartedly, as you will already be well acquainted with many services and you must be using them, in such a situation, Google has started another great service named Google Play pass is there, yes friends, in this post I will tell you what is google play passI am going to tell about this in detail, if you also want to know Google Play Pass, then keep reading this post of mine carefully from beginning to end.

For your information, first of all, I want to tell you that Google's service is so popular among these people that this application is already available in almost everyone's mobile, if you are told the names of some popular applications, then Gmail YouTube Google Photos Google Drive Google Play Store etc. HairService service people are already using and all of them are already included in every android mobile phone.

In addition to all these applications, there is another one whose name is Google Play Pass, today we will discuss about this topic, before understanding about it, you should know about Google Play Store so that you can understand more about Google Play Pass. will be easy.

 • What is Google Play Service?

Now the same question must be arising in your mind whether you people do not know about Google Play Store, the answer is yes, most of the people already know about Google Play Store but still some people are like this. Which only does not know about Play Store at all, that's why we thought here firstLet us tell you about the Google Play Store.Google Play Store is such a platform where you can see almost all types of Android applications, if anyone wants to install the application in his mobile phone, then he can easily install it directly from Google Play Store.

It also tells you that you can download and install and use the app absolutely free from Google Play Store, in which you are also shown ads, but using premium applications, you get ad free service, let's talk about it. Know what is Google Play Pass?

 • What is Google Play Pass ? full details


Google Play Pass is a subscription best service that has been released by Google itself and by using it you can now use any Android mobile application without any ads.

If we explain to you in easy language, then you must have downloaded many applications on Google Play Store, you must have used the phone as well, there are many premium applications which you have to pay to use and their cost is a bit high. .

That's why its solution has also come Google Play Pass which you can buy monthly or yearly subscription plan and use them without using the application.

Let us tell you that the service of Google Play Pass is already running from 90 countries, now you must be thinking that how much will we have to spend for Google Play Pass service, then we will tell you about its plan.

 • google play pass subscription

If you want to buy the subscription of Google Play Pass, then its monthly subscription is only ₹ 99. Which means you have to use it within 1 month of the beginningWill not give any money.One of the highlights of the Google Play Pass subscription is that if you have a plan, you can share it with up to five members of your family.

 • Benefits of Google Play Pass

Google Play Parcel Service Android Application Developer is going to benefit a lot as the local developer will get an opportunity to work with the global developer so that some new applications will be added to Google Play Pass forever.

With this, the app developer will earn a lot and whatever developer will upload his application on the play pass, all the people who use it, that developer will be paid accordingly by Google.

Users can also take advantage of this because they will get a chance to use the ad free application and will not have to spend two paisa, the user has to buy the subscription plan only once, after that he can use the ad free application.

 • When was Google Play Pass launched in India?

Till now many people do not know at all about what time Google Play Pass was launched in India but for your information I want to tell that Google Play Pass was launched in India sometime back. Was and its date is 28 February 2022, now people of India can also use it.

 • What did you learn in this post

Friends, today my information will be useful for you, if you have read this post of mine, then you must have got to learn something new because here I have given you detailed information about what is Google Play Pass. If you like my information and useful for youIf it proves, then definitely share it with your friends and on social media platforms.This post must have been the most beneficial for Android Apps Developer and Android Apps User, here both will get benefit, thus you will not have any problem in my post, if you still face any problem then you can ask us by commenting below. We will help you fully, that's all for todayWill see you in the next post thanks...

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