How to earn money by making youtube shots? 2023

Youtube Shorts Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: 

Hello friends, how are you, once again very much welcome to the article of our website. We always come up with ways to earn money for you, today again we have come up with another new way for you. In which we will share you a very simple way to earn money. If you people also want to earn money sitting at home, then this post is for you only.

Friends, today we will explain to you very simply and in Hindi language that how you can earn money sitting at home. That is, you will find many ways to earn money sitting at home on the Internet. If there are many people, then they write so long and well that while reading it, it becomes evening from morning. But will not always do with you at all, we will tell you about only one way in one post. Which you read very carefully and you can understand.

So today we will tell you how to earn money by making YouTube shots in 2022 and what are the current ways to earn money from YouTube shots? Maybe! If you find anything wrong or lacking in this post. So you can feel free to share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. How to earn money by making youtube shorts in further information.

In today's time, every person knows very well about YouTube, from small children to old people, they like to watch videos on YouTube. Because they get videos of each and every category on YouTube. But with time people are now preferring to watch short videos because of watching YouTube. So in such a situation, YouTube thought why shouldn't we also implement the feature of short videos on our platform. So that people do not go to other platforms except our YouTube.

Earlier only long videos were uploaded on YouTube, however now you get everything from movies news songs. But there was no shortage of shot video feature, but YouTube also completed this shortcoming by launching YouTube short video feature in 2021. Because Tik Tok video creator and other creators should also get short video platform to earn the same fame. Because before that Tik Tok was banned in India.

Friends, you must know about earning money from YouTube and its methods. But every person has very little knowledge about how to earn money from youtube short. That's why today we will tell you not one but many ways to earn money from YouTube.

To earn money from YouTube, you have to first create a channel on YouTube and complete 1000 subscribes and 4000 hours of boss time by uploading videos on it. And only by monetizing YouTube channel, you are able to earn money from YouTube.

After which you start getting money and you can earn money from YouTube channel in some other ways as well. You probably know about it like affiliate marketing, product promoting, sponsorship etc.

How to earn money from youtube shorts?

But we are giving you information about how to earn money from YouTube short and what are the ways to earn this money. But before that it knows that what is YouTube short video?

What is YouTube Shorts?

Like Instagram reels video, YouTube Navy added a feature on its platform in 2021. Through which you can create and upload short videos ranging from 14 seconds to 60 seconds or watch them. This is known as YouTube shorts, which most people like to watch today.

But many people are earning money indiscriminately by making YouTube short videos in today's era. But how you will get this information below in this post that how to earn money from youtube short? For this you have to read the whole article carefully.

how to make youtube shorts video

Friends, if you want to make YouTube short videos, then want to tell for your information. You can make YouTube short videos by going directly to the application on YouTube or you can also use any video editor. To make youtube hot videos, you will find many editing tools to make short videos in the internet.

But if you ever started making youtube short videos. And views do not come in your short video, due to which your video does not go viral. And the subscriptions are not increasing in your youtube shorts channel.

ways to earn money from youtube shorts

1) Through Youtube Shorts Fund

YouTube has launched a $100 million fund for shorts video creators. By which he will give to the creators who make YouTube shorts on the basis of his month's performance, you can say. YouTube Search Fund is the main way to earn money from YouTube. Through which many shorts creators are earning money today.

But to earn money from youtube shorts fund it is necessary that your channel is the essential requirement to earn money from youtube shorts. So your channel should be popular. That is, your channel children should be subscribed and your video should get more and more views every month and your video should go viral.

2) Through Affiliate Marketing

Today every youtube creator and website creator is earning through affiliate marketing, you can earn money from youtube shorts. Yes friends, you must have heard, for this you have to join the company providing online feeling program. From there you can make it an affiliate link to the product and have to put it in the description of your video. Even after putting in the description of your video, if the viewer buys the product from this link, then you get a commission for it.

You can join the affiliate program of big companies like Flipkart, Amazon etc. to run online affiliate program if you do not know. How to join Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program? So for this you can read the post on google.

3) Through Brand Promotion

You can also earn a lot by doing brand promotion on YouTube Salt. But for this you have to be popular through YouTube short. Only then many companies will contact you to promote their brand and in return they charge you a lot of money.


4) Promote others channel

Friends, if the Sasura Ever increases on your YouTube shorts, that means your channel grows a lot. So many small short creators will contact you to promote their channel. For which you can charge a lot of money from them.

5) Monetize YouTube Short Videos

You can also earn a lot by monetizing YouTube short. For this you have to fulfill the following Criteria on YouTube Short Channel.

• You have to complete at least 1000 subscribes on youtube short channel.

• Completed 4000 hours of YouTube channel time.

• You should not have copyrighted videos on your channel.

• There should not be any kind of strike on your channel.

Taking special care of all these things, your YouTube will be short monetized.

But there are some conditions for showing ads in YouTube short.

• If viewer watches video from direct youtube shot then he will not see any ad ad.

• If someone visits your channel through notification and watches the video, then he will see the advertisement.

To earn money through monetize on youtube short, you have to make videos on a good niche which proves beneficial for the user.


Through this post, I have told you how to earn money through youtube short? 2022 and you may have liked the information and found it useful. So don't forget to share it with your relatives, friends and social media accounts, there you have to answer any question. So you can ask by commenting below, we will do our best to help you.


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