Top 5 Best IPL Money Earning Apps in India 2023

 top 5 IPL Earning Apps 2023

5 Applications that earn money from IPL: Indian Premier League ie IPL is a very loyal cricket competition organized by India. Big cricketers of the world play in this, who are bought by a team by paying crores of rupees. Do you know that money can also be earned through IPL.

If you are a cricket lover and you have a lot of knowledge about cricket. So you can earn money through cricket by taking advantage of your knowledge and making a team in IPL. That is why we have told you all the methods in this post. It is all legal, you can earn money from IPL without any problem by following the methods mentioned in this post.

Friends, here I am going to give you detailed information about five such applications. By which you can earn money through IPL matches. This money earning application is absolutely safe, using this you can earn money by creating a team in IPL.

How to earn money from IPL (IPL) applications

Well there are many ways to earn money from IPL. But today I will tell you five such applications from which you can earn money from IPL.

How to earn money from IPL (IPL) applications

My Circle 11 (My Circle 11)

Paytm First Cash (Paytm First Cash App)


My Team 11 (My Team 11)

You can also earn money by running a news blog this cricket news blog by sharing information about IPL related news. You can take sponsorship for Google Adsense advertising and related products.

You can also earn money by selling IPL tickets, for that you can use official ticket sellers or IPL official website. You can book tickets online or you can buy tickets offline and sell them at higher prices.

IPL money earning app

1) – Dream 11 (Dream 11 App)

Dream11 is our most loved fantasy application in India. During the IPL, many Indian cricketers will be seen promoting dream11. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the brand ambassador of dream11. But in 2020, dream11 made Rohit Sharma its brand ambassador.

In dream11 you get a lot of fantasy games which have different prices. Many games are available in dream11 within ₹ 100 and many games are also worth thousand rupees. If you have good knowledge about cricket then you can participate in the game of thousand rupees. And the chances of winning are high as very few contestants participate in it.

2) – My Circle 11 (My Circle 11)

My Circle 11 is also a fantasy cricket application which has become more popular in a short span of time. Many people from rural areas have earned crores of money from My Circle 11. The current president of BCCI and former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of this application.

So you guys can also win money by downloading this application and making your own team in it. If you have more knowledge in cricket and you also have interest in it, then you will also get a very good chance to earn money through IPL.

3) – MPL (MPL App)

MPL is a gaming application platform where you get a variety of games. With whom you can earn a lot of money, you will get it in fantasy cricket in MPL. MPL is the fastest growing gaming platform in India, daily millions of people earn money through mpl.

In MPL you can make a best team of the match by participating in fantasy cricket game. And when you remain at number one then you can win lakhs of rupees. In 2019, the brand ambassador of MPL was Virat Kohli.

4) – Paytm First Game (Paytm First Game)

Paytm First Game is a fantasy cricket application in which you can create your best team. And if you win, all the money can be yours. Dream11 has more chances to win than MyCircle 11. Because there is not much competition in this right now, Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket, is the brand ambassador of Paytm First Games Application.

5) – My Team 11 (My Team 11 App)

My Team 11 is also very popular and fantasy cricket application. If you like playing cricket more and you have good knowledge about it. So you can earn a lot of money from this application, apart from making a team like of dreams 11 in My 311, you can also earn money from predictions.

You must have often noticed that whenever someone goes to cricket, he is definitely told what is going to happen on the next ball. If you also make such predictions, then you must join My team 11. If your prediction is correct then you will get an opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Please note – To earn money, you can earn money in IPL like Batting and Fantasy Cricket. But this is a game that should be played only for fun. When you consider it a medium to earn more money. So it can be harmful for you, so don't play too much and be sensible in all games.

Last word:

Top 5 Apps to Earn Money from IPL How to earn money from IPL? In Hindi, if you are also a cricket lover, then you can also earn money through the application mentioned in this post by us. If you people also have a little knowledge about cricket, then this post can prove to be very useful for you.

So I sincerely hope that you must have liked this information provided by us. Top 5 applications to earn money from IPL like the post. So apart from your friends, definitely share it on social media platforms. Apart from this, if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting below, we will help you completely.

TOP 5 Best IPL Money Earning Apps in India 2023

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